The Circuit, one Church 11 locations, two Primary Schools, located in and around Leigh. On our website you can find information about the churches themselves, details of our worship services, along with news of our activities. Our noticeboard and diary inform you of forthcoming events, and here you will find various articles that may be of interest to you.
Whether it's your first time visiting a church or you've been attending your whole life, you can take steps to grow in the Leigh and Hindley Methodist Circuit.

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Prayer of the day

Come source of eternal Light. Come giver of eternal Life. Fill
our hearts with your love, fill our mouths with your praise
and fill our lives with your presence; now and for ever.

Symeon the New Theologian (949-1022)

Gracious God, you give us everything we have
and everything we take for granted.
Help us to share the good news with all we meet.

In the knowledge of the gospel,
may we welcome those seeking asylum and refuge,
help feed, clothe and shelter those who have nothing,
uphold those whose abilities have diminished with age,
and support lives affected
long after flood waters have disappeared.
In Christ's name we live and pray. Amen.

Paul Davis, Lancashire District Chair

Daily Bible Study

Ezekiel 15:1-8

"Is wood taken from it to make anything? Does one take a peg from it to which to hang any object?" (v. 3)

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