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Leigh & Hindley Methodist Circuit

All Churches Trust is one of the UK's largest grant-making charities
At the heart of our grant-giving is transforming people's lives and communities for the better, funding projects run by churches and charities that put Christian values at the heart of what they do. We welcome applications from all parts of the UK and Ireland, particularly from areas of social and economic deprivation.

We support the repair, restoration and re-ordering of churches and cathedrals of many denominations, especially where these changes support wider community use and help those in need. We give grants to churches and charities running projects aimed at tackling homelessness, poverty and loneliness, and many other social issues.

We support schools, colleges and others with projects that help children and young people to reach their potential, and we're passionate about preserving the UK and Ireland's rich history through funding for heritage buildings and skills.

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