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Jubilee Weekend 2nd -- 5th June 2022

Here is a link to The Platinum Jubilee -- where various resources are available for those looking to plan something to celebrate the Jubilee Weekend.

Sing -- The Platinum Jubilee

A new anthem 'Rise Up and Serve' has been commissioned by HOPE Together and partners, and written by song writers Graham Kendrick, Mal Pope and the contemporary worship band Rend Collective. I attach the sheet music, lyrics and backing track.
Choirs are invited to record their version of this specially-written Platinum Jubilee anthem to be released on YouTube featuring choirs from around the world. The competition will bring together choirs from around the Commonwealth. The closing date is Monday 7 March 2022.

Celebrate -- The Platinum Jubilee

Get ready to celebrate the Queen's 70 years of faith and service. Bring your community together. Plan a party. Sing a new anthem. Involve everyone of all ages in 70 acts of service. Give everyone a commemorative gift. Help local schools, youth groups, uniformed organisations and toddler groups to celebrate. And, for the grand finale, invite everyone to a special church service on Pentecost Sunday -- the final day of the four day Platinum Jubilee celebration.

Gift -- The Platinum Jubilee

As you plan for the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday 2-5 June 2022, consider giving a special commemorative gift to the children in your local schools and people in your neighbourhood.
A giveaway book, using rarely-seen prayers the Queen prayed as she prepared for the Coronation, is being published in partnership with Biblica. This beautifully illustrated book is an ideal gift to help your community appreciate the Queen's Christian faith. Copies will be available in February.

A Happylands Platinum Jubilee animation and book, published in partnership with The Entertainer and Hope for Every Home, is being made so the under fives in your community can be introduced to the Queen and her Christian faith.

Serve -- The Platinum Jubilee
Involve your community in 70 acts of service in 2022

Learn -- The Platinum Jubilee
'On Her Majesty's Service' is the theme of our Platinum Jubilee resources for 11-14s. These include youth groups, schools and uniformed organisations. Our partners in the Church of England, Pais Movement, Youth For Christ, YouthScape, The Message, Prayer Spaces In Schools, Girls' Brigade and Boys' Brigade have put together a great range of resources with ideas for action and videos to use. Also, we have teamed up with The Entertainer toy shops and Bible Buds to produce Platinum Jubilee ideas to use with under 5s and our partners at Thy Kingdom Come are also developing resources for children.

Invite -- The Platinum Jubilee

The final day of the four day Platinum Jubilee celebration, Sunday 5 June, is also Pentecost Sunday. Invite your community to church -- that's where the Queen spends time in worship each Sunday, so it makes a perfect end to four fantastic days celebrating her faith and service. Make the connection between the Queen's 70 years of service, her Coronation anointing and the Holy Spirit anointing available to everyone who follows Jesus.

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