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A prayer/reflection — Good Friday — The sacrifice Lord you made for me

Lord, it feels wrong to call this day good Friday.
My heart is aching when I remember what was done to you.
Your pain and suffering dominate my thoughts.

When you began to teach, you were adored by many.
You were listened to by crowds of hundreds.
You were exalted with cheers, cloaks and palm branches.
Lord, how did it all change so quickly?

I shudder when I remember the brutality of what was done to you.
The jeers, the taunts, the cuts, the scars, the nails.
The cross that you were made to carry.
A cross that you were nailed to and lifted up on,
Because people were afraid of you and what your presence could mean.

That fear spread and infected the hearts and minds of the people you had been sent to save.
You were rejected
You were betrayed.
You were abused; insulted and beaten.
Your friends denied that they knew you.
You endured so much pain and suffering.
You accepted all that had been planned for you.
You followed your Father's wishes, with humility and with love in your heart.
You were sentenced to death.
In your pain and anguish,
You allowed yourself to be nailed to a cross and lifted high.
Your hands and feet were pierced with nails and your side was pierced by a sword.
You hung on a cross in the noon day sun,
And there you took your final breath.
You died, for me.
You died so that the World would understand who and what you are.
And you did all that because you love me.

As I reflect on this day, I ask you to make my life an offering and a sacrifice worthy of all that you have done for me.
Open my eyes and my ears.
Inspire my thoughts and give me a kind and understanding heart.
Take the sadness that I feel at what you went through,
And turn it into the catalyst for optimism that you intended your death to be.
Take my guilt at having done so many things differently from the way you wanted me to,
And turn it into the beacon of light and hope that you want me to be in your world.
Take the love I have for you, and make it shine in all the dark places of my world.

Every day I am grateful for the ultimate sacrifice that you made for me.
Every day I am grateful that you have helped me to see that I can have an eternal life with you.
Through your death you gave me a chance to be forgiven for my mistakes.
Through your pain and suffering you showed me that you will never leave me and you will always forgive me.
You encourage me in every moment of every day to acknowledge my failings, to confess and to truly repent all that I have done wrong.
You reassure me that if I do all these things, you will help me to find a better life.

Through my prayers, my thoughts, my words and my actions,
Help me Lord this day, to make my life more fulfilling.
Help me to make better decisions and to be more loving, compassionate and understanding.
Help my life and everything I say and do be more beneficial to the people around me.
Help me to reflect the significance of your sacrifice and all that you mean to me, through all that I do this day and always.

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© Rob Russell 2019 / 2020

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